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Permsky region, Permsky district, Kultaevskoe rural settlement,
Kultaevo village, 12 km from Perm city

About industrial park

At a distance of 12 km from Perm city along the «Perm - Ust-Kachka» highway, the first industrial park in the Perm region will be built on the principle of «Greenfield» /

Own protected area, individual gas piston cogeneration, own wells and sewage treatment plants, professional managing company and benefits for residents provided for by the decree of government of Russian Federation №794 of April 17, 2015 in the field of taxation, lending and access to state support.

In order to optimize the costs of residents and reduce the timing of access to the site, the Managing Company at the time of execution of the land sale and purchase transaction, transfers initial permit documentation for the design.

According to the assessment of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Perm region, «Kultaevo» Individual Entrepreneurship meets the national standard of «Industrial Parks» GOST R 56301-2014 and the requirements of the Government Decree № 794 of Russian Federation.
Work on the project has been going on since 2015. During this time, the concept of Individual Entrepreneurship has been developed, engineering-geodetic and geological surveys have been carried out, technical specifications and approvals have been obtained, construction of power supply networks and a gas pipeline has been completed, and a state expertise has been carried out. Agreements have been concluded with part of the residents of individual entrepreneurship.
  • Managing Company
    is a member of industrial parks association
    of Russia
  • Individual entrepreneurship is actively supported by the Government
    of Perm Region
  • The application is submitted
    for Federal and
    regional subsidies


Stipulated by the law of the Perm region of February 28, 2018 N197-PK, Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of April 17, 2015 № 794
  • 1
    reduced tax rates. Profit tax of 12.5% (for 2018-2020); property tax 1.1%; Reset tax on land; investment tax credit; granting special status and appropriate tax credits (Privileges, Special Investment Contracts).

  • 2
    subsidizing the interest rate on investment loans; the provision of state guarantees; loans with the involvement of the Industry Development Fund of the Russian Federation (5% concessionary rate)
  • 3
    interest rate subsidies for creating off-season stocks of raw materials;
    subsidizing the purchase of consumables, raw materials and components; subsidizing the cost of replenishing working capital and financing current production activities

Parameters of the "KULTAEVO" industrial park

  • Location
    12 km from Perm city. Adjacent to the new 4-lane "Perm - Ust-Kachka" highway. Bus stop with regular service.
  • Transport
    High availability for passenger, freight and public transport. A new terminal of the Big Savino International Airport has been launched in 3 kilometers.
  • Gas piston cogeneration
    will provide residents with high power energy at an affordable cost: gas, electricity, heat supply.
  • Engineering
    3.6 MW for electricity, 2 715 cubic meters / h for gas, 6 Gcal / h for thermal energy, 550 cubic meters / h for water supply, water discharge 250 cubic meters / day.
  • Total area
    Land industry. 19.2 hectares for the placement of industrial enterprises
  • Land
    Possibility to acquire ownership of plots from 0.5 hectares to 6 hectares
Terms of placement
We offer to purchase land in the industrial park with full engineering infrastructure
  • Resident
    manufacturing industry in the field of metallurgy, mechanical engineering, aviation industry, building materials, woodworking, medical industry with using innovative technologies.
  • Terms
    of purchase
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    + 7 342 207 77 20,
    +7 912 070 59 59
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  • Free
    There is an opportunity to purchase land for construction.

    Hurry up. Offer is limited.

The first industrial park in the Perm region "KULTAEVO"

with a full package of preferences
(decree f the Government of the Russian Federation
of 17.04.2015 №794)

Services of a professional Managing Company

Comprehensive resolution of the problems
  • Ensuring the smooth functioning of the life support systems of the object
    monitoring the condition of buildings, structures, equipment; maintenance and current repair of buildings, structures, infrastructure facilities; round-the-clock security with video surveillance, access control to the territory of the industrial park; cleaning and removal of solid waste; loading and unloading operations;
  • Development of "KULTAEVO" industrial park
    Search for investors, assistance to residents in the field of human resource development, services to promote the activities of residents, the provision of engineering services
  • Providing of additional services
    legal services; consulting services; customs brokerage services; organization of cargo transportation; IT services; marketing services; assistance in registering the rights of innovative companies to intellectual property objects;

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